Minivan Bulkheads

Formed from strong, 16-gauge steel, WEATHER GUARD® Minivan Bulkheads offer complete driver and cargo protection. Powder-coated white to keep the interior of your van brighter, our Minivan Bulkheads offer a superior fit with new horizontal construction that reduces cargo noise and improves heating and cooling efficiency in the passenger area.

  • 16-gauge steel is used for strength and durability.
  • Exclusive 9" x 12" Dog Hatch™ door allows easy loading of long materials by utilizing the floor space in front of the bulkhead.
  • Easy Installation with sidewall and roof mounting brackets.
  • New Vertical panel design reduces ambient noise levels.
  • Provides improved heating and cooling efficiency in the passenger area.
  • Universal Fit for Minivans.

For Minivans

Screen Bulkhead

Offers rear and side visibility while retaining the safety of the front seat occupants and the security of the cargo. Universally fits Chevy Uplander, Ford Freestar and Dodge Grand Caravan.

Model No.: 88500-3-01
Description: Screen Bulkhead, Mini Van
Weight: 60

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