Compressor / Generator / Welder

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Vanguard Lifetime Warranty The Genair® is an underdeck unit that utilizes a single PTO to combine the power of a 125 to 185 cfm air compressor with the convenience of a patented, integral 7,200 to 11,600-watt AC generator.

The Genair® system couples directly to the rear of the rotary screw air end. This provides constant power input without belts, pulleys, or tensioning devices. The Genair® also eliminates the need to replace your truck's alternator, belts, and sheaves to install a power inverter.

Ideal for pipeline sewer inspection, plastic pipe fusion, auxiliary lights, and on-board air compressor and AC electric power requirements. This unit comes with a MaxStar suitcase welder.

Output (Peak) (kW) 7.2 11.6
Shipping Weight (lbs.) 68 89
Height (in.) 8 9
Width (in.) 8 9.6
Length (in.) 13.5 14.5
Voltage (volts) 120 or 120/240 120 or 120/240
Phase Single Phase Single Phase
Speed (rpm) 3600 3600
Output (Continous) 6.5 10.5

Air Compressor
CFM Air PSI Compressor Input Compressor Oil Capacity Mounted Weight (Dry)
125 100 to 150 1535 rpm 3.5 gal. 550 lbs.
160 100 to 150 2000 rpm 3.5 gal. 550 lbs.
185 100 to 150 2300 rpm 3.5 gal. 550 lbs.

MaxStar Welder® 200 Series - 11.6 kW unit only
Processes TIG (GTAW), Pulsed TIG (GTAW-P), Stick (SMAW)
Input Power 1- or 3-phase power
Amperage Range 1-200 A
Max. Open-circuit Voltage 80
Weight 37 lbs.