Hydro-Max 14000 – Getec Hyrdaulic Generators


Hydro-Max 14000


Quality Features
Compact. Only 11″W x 11″H x 29″L
Environmentally safe & non-polluting
Maintenance free
No brushes (Not a permanent magnet design)
Weights only 134 Lbs
Mounts in any position
Patented motor mount
Pressure compensating flow regulator mounted directly to motor. (Eliminates connecting flow regulator to motor with expensive hoses & couplings)
Easily reconnectable from 120V to 120/240 V.
GETEC was the first, in the US market, to manufacture brushless hydraulically-driven AC generators and revolutionize the industry. We now have a total of 55 models.
Our hydraulically-driven welder generators are unmatched in size and performance. At this time, we have 6 models ranging from 200 Amp to 400 Amp
Technical Information
Power = 14000 Watt Continuous (at 105 )
Volt = 120V or 120/240V
Frequency = 60 Hz
Amperage = 118A @ 120V 59A @ 240V
Speed = 3600
Insulation = F & H
Phase = Single (1 Phase)
Power Factor = 1.0
Flow = 22 GPM
Pressure = 2000 PSI
Motor = Pressure balanced gear with anti-cavitation device
Flow Regulator = Pressure Compensating (mounted directly to motor)