Because With a Generator, Size Matters

When purchasing a generator, it's important that you select one that's capable of meeting your requirements. You must match the generators rated output to the maximum anticipated power to be used. This section will assist you in estimating your power requirements.

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Determining Your Energy Needs
If you don't know the power requirements of the devices you will likely be using, consult the See Watt They Run Chart below to find approximate demands. It lists a few of the more common tools and appliances and their average power requirements. However, a particular manufacturer's device may use more or less than the listed wattage. Add a 10% correction factor to your totals to help account for this variance.

Take it Step-by-Step
Follow these steps when determining your energy needs:

  • Identify the wattage requirements for what you want to power. The power requirement for the tool or appliance can be found on its identification plate or in its Owner's Manual. If the power requirement is given in amps, multiply the amps by volts to derive the required watts. (Amps x Volts = Watts)

  • Add up the required watts of all the tools and appliances you expect to operate simultaneously.

  • The total watts derived in step 2 is the size Yamaha generator you need. Normally, you won't need to consider motor starting requirements when using a Yamaha generator. When a Yamaha generator is properly sized for a tool's or appliance's running requirements, Yamaha's surge capability of 3 times the rated output for up to three seconds (most models) usually is sufficient to handle the motor's starting surge needs.


  Watts EF1000iS EF2400iS EF2800i EF3000iSE EF3000iSEB EF2600 EF4000DX EF5200DE EF6200PDEX EF6600DE EF12000DEX
DVD Recorder 50
Laptop / DVD Player 50
Radio 100
Portable Fan 115
Electric Blanket 180
Computer (Monitor & Printer) 200
Dehumidifier 350
Television 350
Small Refrigerator 600
Microwave 700
Washing Machine 750
Jigsaw 800
Sump Pump
1/3 hp
Coffee Maker 850
Iron 1000  
Disk Sander 1200  
Barbeque Grill 1350  
Electric Mower 1500  
Kettle 1500  
Belt Sander 1500  
Demolition Hammer /
7 ¼"
Circular Saw
10,000 BTU Air Conditioner/
Electric Range Oven 2100    
Water Heater 3800              
Clothes Dryer 5000